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2024 Precision Ground (Metric)

2024 is an aluminum alloy, with copper as the primary alloying element. It is used in applications requiring high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance. 2024 is readily machined at high speeds and gives accurate machining detail with a high finish. 2024 in the annealed condition is easily formed and may be subsequently heat treated. 2024 has good stress corrosion cracking resistance.

  • ASTM B211
  • Finish: Precision Ground
  • Temper: T351, T3511, or T4
  • Hardness: 120 Brinell
  • Yield Strength: 45,000 PSI
  • Tolerance: -.0127 MM
  • Length Tolerance: ±1/8" for all lengths
  • Straightness Tolerance: .005" per foot
  • Color Code: Red
  • With material certification
  • Webbed in plastic

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    2024 Precision Ground (Metric)